Thanks for the shoutout!

Birds might come for us if we covered ourselves in seeds.

Beautiful post, brilliant coupling of topics, thank you ❤️

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Lovely story - I now have a clearer understanding of why bird shit is good luck.

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Chloe, I wanted to go back to your earlier posts and thank you for your observations and audio.

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“While literally praying that I hadn’t fed him too much while he was unable to excrete anything, I filled a small bowl with warm water and wetted a cotton bud, before spending the next ten minutes very gently and very slowly, so as not to damage any of his feathers, moistening and removing the dried poop.”

I have chickens and here in America we have a rather unfortunate name for this rather unfortunate condition: “pasty butt.” It wasn’t my choice.

But since “cloaca” is the Latin term for “drain” or “sewer”, it appears that clogged cloacae are a problem for us both. 💀🚽 (I swear I won’t leave these on every comment)

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This is a great introductory piece.

I am deeply fascinated by death, for many reasons but a major reason is that it’s gonna happen to all of us and yet so many of us seem hellbent on ignoring it. Which seems like a crazy phenomenon to me.

I’m also a big fan of birds because to put it simply I’m obsessed with flying. You could even say I’m jealous of birds (the flying ones anyway).

I was also really impressed with how well you weaved these topics together while also sprinkling humour throughout.

I look forward to reading more of your pieces. And I subscribed to help David out, of course.

P.S - I’m also a philosophy major so you kinda hooked me with that little tid-bit as well.

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Wow...This is so beautifully expressed. Nearly moved me to tears! 🌺

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Lovely, Chloe! 💕

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May 16Liked by Chloe Hope

Thanks for this Chloe. It's a wonderful time of year to bring loving awareness to our flying friends and impermanence. I look forward to reading more!

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